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How to Connect to a Windows File Server on Mac OSX Mountain Lion

So after you connect to your work VPN I expect you'll need to get access to files, in this case we'll assume it's a Windows file server and you've been given a path to connect to that looks something like this:


Now, since Windows works a little differently to Mac OSX (and Linux / Unix) you'll need to change that a little so before we start the next steps get your file server path ready and looking like this:


Then follow these steps:

1. Open the Finder from the Dock (usually at the bottom of the screen), if you can't find this cmd-tab to it.  



2. From the Finder's "Go" menu choose Connect to Server (or just press cmd-K)


3. Type "smb://" followed by your reformatted file path as follows, then hit the "+" key...


4. Click on the newly added Favourite Server and then click Connect.


5. Enter your credentials when prompted then click Connect...