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How to Setup a Cisco IPSec VPN on Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Setting up a Cisco IPSec VPN on Mountain Lion is pretty straight-forward however I always forget the steps when I need to run through it with someone else so I thought I'd document the steps.  These all assume you have an admin username/password on the Mac in question and that you have all of your VPN details provided by your IT team... 1. Go to System Preferences on the Apple menu (top-left of screen)


2. Choose the Network settings pane (you may need to back out of a previous pane first)


3. If you need to 'unlock' the pane, click the padlock and do so then/otherwise click the + icon


4. Choose Interface = VPN, Type = Cisco IPSec then choose a suitable name for Service Name.  Click Create.  


5.  Fill in the IP address and user name fields, then click Authentication Settings


6. Fill in your Shared Secret and Group Name, click OK.  Click, Apply and close System Preferences.  


7.  On the title bar, click the VPN icon (doesn't really resemble anything relevant), then choose your new VPN service.  


8. Fill in your username/password (special considerations may apply for RSA Tokens, etc.) and click OK.  You may receive a message at this point regarding security, read and click OK as appropriate.  


9. Counter appears on title bar whilst VPN is connected.  


10.  To disconnect open the menu from the VPN icon once more.