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Ofcom Mobile Phone Usage Report 2013: App & Web Highlights

Today Ofcom released a report covering mobile phone usage in the UK, the report is largely aimed at determining how Quality of Service relates to consumer behaviour and how poor coverage affects the customer experience.  The report covers voice, SMS, email, internet and video calling but I'm most interested in the mobile web and apps, so I'll focus primarily on the Internet results.  The survey was conducted in November 2012 and sampled 2,136 adults aged 16 and over from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The report shows that only 44% of consumers use the internet via their mobile phone and of those, this seems quite low based on personal experience but that could be down to bias from working in the technology sector.  Of those people that use the Internet on their phone 50% do so more than five times per day (with 33% reporting 10+ times per day).  The implication being that there is a demographic relying on their mobile for everyday tasks, especially when coupled with the result that 71% of people saying that it is important for them to use the internet whilst outside.

Naturally there is a skew towards the younger end of the market with 86% of respondents between 16 and 34 that use the internet doing so on a daily basis.   Additionally whilst 7% of all users rated the ability to use the internet as the most important factor whilst thinking about their mobile operator this rose to 14% for the 16-35 age group and drops to 2% for the 55+ group.

Reliability is a problem for internet users with 47% being satisfied with their operator, this is poor compared to voice and SMS usage which received a 74% satisfaction rate.  Furthermore 34% of consumers reported having experienced no signal/reception (10% frequently) and an additional 15% reported an inability to use the mobile internet.

In terms of non-Internet usage there weren't too many unexpected results, the only surprising outcome of the survey to me was that 12% of respondents have used video calling and 25% do so on a daily basis - making 3% of all people using video calling on a daily basis.   The full report (33 pages) can be found here: source.