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Ofcom Amateur Radio Full Licence Study Resources

Tonight I take the RSGB Advanced Level Exam for the Ofcom Full Amateur Radio Licence and it's been a hard ten week period of self-study that I began shortly after gaining my Intermediate license. I'd be grateful if you'd please keep your fingers crossed for me but I've virtually done everything I can now within reason and I'm not sure how much plain-old reading I can handle so my revision process is going to take a slightly different approach - blogging.

To start I'll cover some resources I've used then I'll write a fresh post on each of the main topic threads found in the exam.

The first and most important thing you'll need is a copy of Advance: The Full Licence Manual by Steve Hartley G0FUW and Alan Betts G0HIQ - it only costs a slight above £8 but it's worth it's weight in gold.  Most of us hams like to get a little something for nothing so you'll be glad to know that beyond the book there is a wealth of free information available, the items I've found most useful are:

  • Ofcom Sample Amateur Radio Licence - this is provided in the exam so you don't need to memorise it but you should understand the layout and what is/isn't included.
  • RSGB Advanced Radio Amateur Examination Syllabus - lists exactly what you need to know for the exam (albeit in a slightly annoying format) but most importantly includes the formula sheet which again you'll get in the exam.
  • RSGB Advanced Exam Sample Paper - includes answers so you can check your work, I wouldn't recommend trying this until you've been through the book at least once.
  • QADV: Revision Questions for Radio Amateurs by Murray Ward G3KZB - a small piece of Windows software that contains a staggering amount of questions for you to test yourself against.  If you don't understand a question you'll get the page number of the book (Steve Hartley & Alan Betts' book above) that explains the topic.  It's an amazing piece of free software, the only thing I will say is that the questions are more 'to the point' than the RSGB ones so don't let yourself get over-confident.
  • Ham Tests website ( - again, a brilliant source of test questions and possibly includes a few 'tricky' language ones in the style of the RSGB.
  • Radio Clubs - you're probably already taking the exam or doing a course at your local club but don't forget that most amateur radio hobbyists will do whatever they can to help out a fellow ham so check out other clubs and see what they're up to - even though I'm not a local I attended an excellent revision session run by Martin M1MRB and other members of the Sutton & Cheam radio club.

I hope that helps, please check out my other revision notes on:

If you're doing a future exam I hope the above can provide you with that elusive piece of extra knowledge you'll need to pass - good luck and let me know how you get on!

73s de 2E0ERP.