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BusObj + MySQL - SQLBindParameter State 07001

I recently encountered a strange problem in Business Objects whilst trying to create a derived table against a MySQL database and whilst the query was a complex one it executed without fault in the MySQL Query Browser so I knew that wasn't the probem.  The error message I encountered was "SQLBindParameter not used for all parameters"...

I tried the same query as a Freehand SQL query in DeskI and received the same error, after banging my head against the problem for about 15 minutes I decided to take my favourite solution - I went for lunch!  On return the solution seemed blindingly obvious, at the very top of my query I'd included a comment but in the comment I'd included a question mark - as soon as I removed the "?" the query ran without a hitch.  I'm not quite sure of the reason behind this but I suspect that one of the Business Objects, ODBC or MySQL layers treats the "?" as a reserved character to indicate a parameterised query - if anyone has the answer i'd be interested to know.