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FTP MGET - Get Multiple Files Without Prompt

Every now and again I have to use FTP (and Secure FTP) from the command line, in fact it's actually my preferred method as it keeps my knowledge of the syntax nice and sharp rather than relying on GUI clients (though if you do need a good free FTP, SFTP and FTPS application you should try FileZilla).  Today I had to retrieve a set of log files from a supplier, we can use the MGET command to fetch multiple files using wildcards (e.g. *.csv) but the default behaviour of MGET is to ask the user to confirm that they want to download every file - not very convenient if you're talking about tens of thousands of logs!  Instead of resting a book and a penlid on the 'Y' key (I've seen it done) you can turn off the interactive prompts simply by issuing the PROMPT command to toggle on/off the prompts. 

Additionally if you'd like your FTP responses to be less wordy you can use the VERBOSE command which will pare down responses to the minimum.