Ash Burton

Mobile | Web | Data

Mobile Payments, Android, iOS, Mobile Web, HTML5, Multichannel Customer Service, Web Services, IVR, Business Intelligence, Telecoms, Radio, Photography, Running, Gaming

I am a UK based technology leader working primarily in mobile payments, web service architecture, business intelligence, data warehousing, telecommunication and multichannel customer service sectors. Over 15+ years experience working with clients in utilities, telecoms, retail, travel, logistics, broadcast television, print media and financial services.  

"When regard for truth has been broken down or even slightly weakened, all things remain doubtful." - St. Augustine.

Mobile Apps

Native Apps 
Leading development of iOS and Android mobile payment applications.  

UI & UX Design 
Working with developers, designers and clients to produce compelling apps. 

Mobile Web 
Creating feature rich mobile and responsive websites without compromising on usability.

Identifying Trends 
Identifying industry trends in payments, customers service and mobile technology. 

Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing 
Architecting and implementing solutions to meet requirements on a 5-10 year lifecycle.

BI Implementation 
Vendor selection, architecture and infrastructure for Business Objects, Oracle BI. 

Organisational Strategy 
Establishing BI teams, training, planning, BICC and business process reengineering.  

Database Architecture
Selecting and implementing RDBMS solutions including Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. 

Web Technologies

Responsive Design
Designing attractive, device-appropriate websites using responsive design and device detection. 

Web Services 
Architecting and working with secure web services using SOAP and REST. 

Modern Web Standards
Taking advantage of modern web technologies including HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Node.js. 

Identifying Trends
Identifying current and future technology trends and front end UI/UX techniques. 


Implementing secure payment solutions in a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified environment.

Applying secure payment application standards to native smartphone apps.

Web Security 
Designing secure web sites and web services, mitigating common risks.  

Policies and Standards 
Developing and applying information security policies and secure coding standards. 

Other Professional 
Skills / Experience

Broad understanding of the UK telecoms landscape including non-geographic routing, interconnect, intelligent networks, premium services.  

Billing Systems 
Implementation, migration and day-to-day management of telecom billing platforms.  

Customer Service 
Supplying and managing automated customer service solutions over IVR, SMS, Web and Mobile channels.   

Mobile Communications
Experience on a number of levels including SMS, shortcodes, provisioning, network architecture.

Project Management
Requirements gathering and analysis, project planning and hands-on delivery in a range of environments.  

IVR Services
Experience supplying and working with traditional IVR and natural language / speech recognition services.  

Other Interests

Part time photographer, member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP).

Amateur Radio 
Holder of the UK Amateur Radio Advanced licence from Ofcom and the FCC's General licence. 

Keen runner having completed a number of half marathons and the London Marathon in 2012.  

Global Trends  
Strong interest in current affairs, reader of publications including The Economist and The Africa Report.